Monthly Needs...
                           April 2021

Kindred Heart Families is in need of...

   New Bed Pillows - Welcome Bags

   New Children Themed Blankets - Welcome Bags 

   New Stuffed Animals - Welcome Bags 

   New Flashlights / Nightlights - Welcome Bags 

   New & Very Gently Used Toys - ALWAYS a Need

   Diapers - Always need size 4 - 6, as well as Overnights

Small Toys
Fidget Toys
Family Games
Stuffed Animals
Activity Packs
Activity Books
Pen Sets
Coloring Book
Art and Crafts

And so much more - please see our Wish List for our general every day needs 

Provide funds: Our charity is funding with the help of individuals and businesses, who care! We need your support to keep our doors open year round for Wisconsin’s foster / kinship children and accommodate their needs.

Thank you so much!