Schools out for Summer....

Registration Deadline June 8th

Saturday June 10th 
11am to 3pm

The 11am and 11.30 time slots are available to new families only... Thank you for understanding.

Open to all Foster / Kinship Children, Grandchildren raised by Grandparents, and Adoptive Children. 

Join Kindred Heart Families for our Summer Giving Event. Our Summer Event will be filled with 

... Summerwear
... Shoes
... Games and Puzzles

... Toys

... Books 

... Cribs

... Changing Tables 

... Highchairs

... Pack n Plays

... Bicycles 

... Bedding

... Diapers and Bathing 

... and MUCH MORE

*** Bonus *** Each registered child will receive a beach pail stuffed full of Summer Fun Toys... Beach Toys, Bubbles, Jump Ropes, Chalk, and etc.

Please use form to right to register for your Schools out for Summer Time Slot. Each hour has a limited number of family slots.

We need volunteers! We need volunteers for both Friday set up and Saturday event and clean up as well as the week leading up to the giving event. This organization and these giving events are soley for the benefit of families like ours... foster / kinship and adoptive families, without volunteer support, Kindred Heart Families cannot continue to service this community. 

Thank you!

We are having a lot of signups with no shows - there is a lot of work that goes into a giving event. Please if you register for an event and can't make it for whatever reason, please let us know.

We have had a lot of families arriving quite early before their registered time, while we understand your excitement, our giving events are very time restrictive, and we can only see 10 to 15 families per each half hour entry. We ask that if you wish to arrive early for your time slot that you keep it to a 5-to-10-minute early arrival, as there may be families that we are still processing through from the previous half hour. We are doing our best to serve as many foster children as personally possible in the most positive supportive environment as Kindred Heart Families can.

Kindred Heart Families relies solely on donations to bring these giving events to our foster families. At times we may see an abundance of certain sizes, items, etc. Please be patient with all of our volunteers as they serve you with the amazing items that we do have. Also, if you do not register a clothing or shoe size for your registered children, there will not be any of those items available for them.

Registration deadline is June 8th at 5pm. I am sorry we can't no longer accommodate registrations after that as it takes quite a bit paperwork to make sure the day is in order. We are also sorry, but we will no longer be allowing families not registered on to the event floor. As with our strict schedule, we also have a restrictive number of items to process and provide to the children registered. Unfortunately, unexpected arrivals can create issues in timing and how each child being provided an equal number of services.

It is our ultimate goal to love and serve each child / family though Kindred Heart Families, as equally and as fully as we can. Thank you for your support as we fulfill our mission.

Registration for our 2023
Schools out for Summer is closed.

Please let us know if you need any support. Appointments can be made Monday through Thursday from Noon to 5pm.

Reminder if you are not registered you will not be able to shop. Thank you so much for understanding.