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Welcome to Kindred Heart Families, Inc. 

Kindred Heart Families, Inc. serves a vital and growing need throughout Wisconsin by providing free clothing, infant equipment and developmental toys to thousands of children in foster and relative care.

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In 2000, my husband and I adopted our first child through a family member. While considering how to continue growing our family, fostering become one of our options. During the long process of adopting our son, we undertook an extensive research effort to learn more about how the foster care system works. Throughout the following years, we grew as a family by fostering and then adopting another son and a daughter.

Our second son came to live with us for the first time when he was not quite one years old, but was returned to his birth mother after ten months. Then on a cold day in March of 2005, we received a call asking if we would like to bring him back into our fold, because his birth mother could not continue his care and we jumped at the chance. After facing some road blocks, his adoption was finalized August of 2012.

Our beautiful daughter’s venture in to our family was a bit more complicated. She was born in Sheboygan, and since we moved to the Madison area, the Sheboygan Dept. of Children and Family wished to keep the adorable two week old closer to her birth parents. After weeks of back and forth… she will be there tomorrow… sorry we haven’t been able to work out the details, our little monkey was able to come home to us at six weeks old in April of 2009. But due to the fact that we were not sure that she would be joining our family – we were ill equipped for a six week old baby and she came to us with little but what her Sheboygan foster family of four weeks had bought for her.

Since that day, I’ve learned that the very things most of us never take time to notice – could mean the word to the thousands of children who enter the foster / kinship care system.

A bag full of toys, clothing, food, books, etc. can bring the most beautiful smile to a sad and scared child. It can also bring a little relief to the family that has opened their home and hearts to these scared children. That is our number one priority – to provide love to these children.