Our Programs

Kindred Heart Families, Inc has developed a program unlike any other. First, we provide children who are being placed into foster / kinship care with a Welcome Bag of their own. I know what you’re thinking, we have had bags donated before that just didn’t benefit the kids. Our program is different we provide bags that are age, gender and size specific. We provide the bags to you as you need them. We strive to provide these items with 24 hours of placement.

How it works - 
When a child is placed in foster care. Contact us or complete the Request items form for the child that is in need of a Welcome Bag. Let us know their clothing size/age, gender and any special needs. We try our best to customize the bag to the child.

What’s included -  
Our bags are packed with ALL essentials plus some, they include a minimum of clothing, pajamas, blanket, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, book, stuffed animal, socks, underwear/diapers.

All items are brand NEW!

Teen bags include a little more including personal hygiene items; and baby bags also include more items such as bottles and pacifiers.

Many additional items may be available, such as coats, shoes, formula, toys, school supplies, and much much more! Just ASK!

We are here to be a resource for social workers, and provide support to the foster homes taking these children.

Other Kindred Heart Families, Inc Programs 

Busy Bags
Kindred Heart Families, Inc knows it can be difficult to keep children busy, while the professionals try to contact local family or foster homes to take placement of a child removed from their home. Our goal with the Busy Bag is to provide Drinks, Snacks, Small Toys, Arts & Crafts, Activity and Coloring Books and more to help the professionals to provide a bit of comfort.

Emergency Care Assistance
Our Emergency Care Assistance Program is for Foster / Kinship care children in a true emergency. Many children come to care without much, in a lot of cases just the clothing they are currently wearing. We can help with clothing - diapers - shoes, we also borrow out car seats, high chairs, and pack N plays, as needed

Happy Birthday Kits
Every child deserves a special day just for them. Our birthday kits included decorations, a birthday treat, party supplies and a personalized birthday gift wrapped and decorated with love by our volunteers

School Daze Bags
I loved going back to school, well maybe it wasn’t school so much as all the new school supplies, all marked with my name. Kindred Heart Families is dedicated to making sure that each Foster / Kinship Child has a back pack filled with new supplies.

Kindred Heart Families, Inc is a nonprofit 501c3 with the Department of the Treasury of the Internal Revenue Service, not affiliated with any government agency.

All contributions to KHF are tax deductible and under control of KHF for the use of serving foster children and their families.